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Send large files free! Using WeTransfer

Send large files free!

An alternative to YouSendIt and it seems you can skip all the sign up bullshit too.

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Run! The computers are coming!

An interesting article about how unhealthy it is to sit infront of your computer all day at work!….. Pretty sure the next step is they turn into Terminators.

Sitting around all day isn’t just making you unhealthy. It might also be making you dumber.¬†Your desk, scientists reported recently, is trying to kill you.

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Laser Keyboard for iPad, iPhone

A nifty keyboard projector for your iPad or iPhone so you can rush off to a meeting with as little as your iPhone and take much more effective notes. Or even cut out the hassle of lugging a wireless keyboard around for your iPad like I know some do.
Totally cool! or just mad nerdy! im not sure which yet.


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Keep your clients in line!

Spanking is funny!

Whats that? You want a “minor” design change after final approval?……… Bad!

Great iPhone secret features!

Great iPhone secret features!

Check out some of these nifty iPhone secret shortcuts you may not have previously known about! A great article to help improve your iPhone useability. Good stuff!

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Hump day humour help!

It’s hump day! Jaime Oliver to the rescue with his very subtle subliminal cooking messages you may not have previously noticed!

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