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Helping developers become creative designers

For those developers out their who aren’t natural creatives or struggle a little with the theory and fundamentals behind design principles check these out from Method of Action

A great game I discovered to help teach the eye some basics in typography


Check out their website for more cool stuff!

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Using MAC Fonts on a PC

My work has switched me to PC from my Mac (I still bring in my Mac)… lets not get into why.

Designers give me their creative built on Macs (naturally) and I need to develop it on my PC. They may include Mac specific fonts eg. Mac TT, Type 1 fonts, or dfonts where the font information is stored in whats called the resource fork on Macs. The PC cant access this information rendering the fonts useless!

OpenType fonts are the winner and can be passed between Mac and PC however you cant always demand your clients to provide you with these fonts. They may not have licenses etc…

Font convertors don’t seem to be too reliable at this stage of my research either, sometimes rendering slight differences in the font once processed.

Post some comments and help me out with this one team =)

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