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iTunes cannot read the content of your iPhone

Plug iPhone in hoping to upload some new music to your phone but it wont connect, and instead suggests you restore factory setting (which will delete all your application data, saved games etc..)
But after researching and trying a few things this is what worked for me!

The Fix!

You need to download software that will enable you to browse your iPhone like a hard-drive in your Finder window on windows explorer:

-Download iExplorer3 (I used iExplorer2 for free)
– Browse your iPhone and delete this file – Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/iTunesCDB

Deleting this database file should allow your device to sync again when you fire up iTunes. Note: This will clear the current music from your iPhone, when you upload new music the iTunesCDB file will be recreated.


Fix your back and posture infront of the computer all day!

Sitting infront of the computer all day at work is terrible on your back and neck. I find my self slowly turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame! This evolutionary image describes this quite succinctly

But heres a groovy idea im sure there are many like it around have a hunt online. I found this at BadBacks

How the workfit-s works

Helping developers become creative designers

For those developers out their who aren’t natural creatives or struggle a little with the theory and fundamentals behind design principles check these out from Method of Action

A great game I discovered to help teach the eye some basics in typography


Check out their website for more cool stuff!

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Send large files free! Using WeTransfer

Send large files free!

An alternative to YouSendIt and it seems you can skip all the sign up bullshit too.

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Laser Keyboard for iPad, iPhone

A nifty keyboard projector for your iPad or iPhone so you can rush off to a meeting with as little as your iPhone and take much more effective notes. Or even cut out the hassle of lugging a wireless keyboard around for your iPad like I know some do.
Totally cool! or just mad nerdy! im not sure which yet.


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