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Sharing a WordPress Draft/Preview with anyone

Need to share a page preview with a client before making the changes live? Or the clients wants you to setup a staging site for every update you do (and you quietly think to yourself…. no, we’re not going to do that – in some circumstances only of course!)

A duplicate of the page and this nifty plugin could be the solution you need. Public Post Preview

  • Check the Enable public Viewing checkbox on the page you’re editing
  • Save draft
  • Copy the URL – Send to client
  • This will expire after a certain period of time


Helping developers become creative designers

For those developers out their who aren’t natural creatives or struggle a little with the theory and fundamentals behind design principles check these out from Method of Action

A great game I discovered to help teach the eye some basics in typography


Check out their website for more cool stuff!

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Send large files free! Using WeTransfer

Send large files free!

An alternative to YouSendIt and it seems you can skip all the sign up bullshit too.

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Extract all images from a Word Document easily

Extract all images from a Word Document easily

Client gives you all the images he/she wants on his website nicely jammed into a word document (” Why I oughta!!! “) . You have to then painstakingly save out each image one at a time right?…. Wrong 🙂

Thanks to Riyaz Sayyad‘s hot tip Just:

1. Open Word Document
2. Save as > Web page
3. Word extracts all images into a sub folder.

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