Laser Keyboard for iPad, iPhone

A nifty keyboard projector for your iPad or iPhone so you can rush off to a meeting with as little as your iPhone and take much more effective notes. Or even cut out the hassle of lugging a wireless keyboard around for your iPad like I know some do.
Totally cool! or just mad nerdy! im not sure which yet.


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Keep your clients in line!

Spanking is funny!

Whats that? You want a “minor” design change after final approval?……… Bad!

Great iPhone secret features!

Great iPhone secret features!

Check out some of these nifty iPhone secret shortcuts you may not have previously known about! A great article to help improve your iPhone useability. Good stuff!

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Hump day humour help!

It’s hump day! Jaime Oliver to the rescue with his very subtle subliminal cooking messages you may not have previously noticed!

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Serving banner ads

The process of building Flash banner advertising and getting it to the website its being displayed on can be a complex and confusing process with many more parties involved than you might imagine!

I’ll be posting some helpful info about the process soon but feel free to post some questions and I’ll do my best to help out your understanding! 🙂


First funny!

It’s Monday, so to cheer you up just imagine how you felt when you’re mum critiqued your horrid mass of crayon scribbles a.k.a “drawings

Nice one This Advertising Life

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