Send large files free! Using WeTransfer

Send large files free!

An alternative to YouSendIt and it seems you can skip all the sign up bullshit too.

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Great iPhone secret features!

Great iPhone secret features!

Check out some of these nifty iPhone secret shortcuts you may not have previously known about! A great article to help improve your iPhone useability. Good stuff!

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First funny!

It’s Monday, so to cheer you up just imagine how you felt when you’re mum critiqued your horrid mass of crayon scribbles a.k.a “drawings

Nice one This Advertising Life

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Extract all images from a Word Document easily

Extract all images from a Word Document easily

Client gives you all the images he/she wants on his website nicely jammed into a word document (” Why I oughta!!! “) . You have to then painstakingly save out each image one at a time right?…. Wrong 🙂

Thanks to Riyaz Sayyad‘s hot tip Just:

1. Open Word Document
2. Save as > Web page
3. Word extracts all images into a sub folder.

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